Other people's business


Tale of two companies: Apple's profit and Amazon's loss
By Alex Hern - 26 October 8:42

Apple made $8bn profit last quarter, while Amazon lost $28m. Yet the two companies are treated as equally successful. Why?

The ADgender: Costa makes coffee unsexy again
By Sophie Barnes - 25 October 13:07

This week's oddest advert.

Five questions answered on the new mortgage rules
By Heidi Vella - 25 October 10:33

Will affect 1 million borrowers.

"The good news will keep coming"
By Helen Roxburgh - 25 October 9:51

Business quote of the day.

Donald Trump demands Obama's records for... five million dollars
By Martha Gill - 24 October 18:25

An offer he "can't refuse", but probably will refuse.

Five questions answered on Facebook's third quarter losses
By Heidi Vella - 24 October 9:53

Company reports $59 million loss.

Five things you didn't know about Saad Hariri
By Oliver Williams - 23 October 18:09

Profile: Syria’s richest foe.

Nonstarters: app-happy gardeners
By Fred Crawley - 23 October 17:42

Worst kickstarter video of the week.

What game theory teaches us about Lance Armstrong
By Liam Stoker - 18 October 17:01

Just stay with me there a minute...

News Corp and the BBC: a tale of two scandals
By Josh Lowe - 17 October 12:01

Saville, phone hacking, and business as usual.

Profile: Bernard Arnault, France’s fickle billionaire
By Oliver Williams - 17 October 10:36

Thirty years of fleeing the French.

Mitt Romney: "They brought us whole binders full of women"
By Martha Gill - 17 October 9:23

Romney's debate anecdote, the response, and the fact it wasn't true.

Stem cells: this election's neglected child
By Chris Lo - 16 October 16:01

An important issue pushed into the background.

Looks harmless, is in fact harmless. Photograph, Getty Images
The old aren't stealing our jobs
By Martha Gill - 16 October 15:12

Baby boomers just as harmless as they look.

Stools, salad and mild humiliation: the Goldman Greg Smith loved
By Martha Gill - 16 October 13:12

Smith's first chapter on Goldman Sachs.

Nonstarters: turning your dreams into movies
By Fred Crawley - 15 October 13:18

Worst kickstarter video of the week.

"The weaker growth was sort of inevitable at some stage"
By Helen Roxburgh - 15 October 9:33

Business quote of the day.

What Samsung and Special-K taught us about social capital this week
By Fred Crawley - 12 October 15:52

The week's social media lessons.

Tesla wants to roll out a massive solar charging network
By Chris Lo - 12 October 15:06

Game changer for electric vehicles?

Amazon launches yet another loss-leader, but what is its plan?
By Alex Hern - 12 October 14:32

The Kindle Owners Lending Library will sell a lot of Kindles – but Kindles don't make money.

The ADgenda: Levi's jeans
By Sophie Barnes - 11 October 13:16

This week's most offensive advert.

Why I support the 40 per cent quota for women on boards
By Mary Honeyball - 10 October 15:40

Kickstarting gender equality.

NS business profile: Marc Rich, Glencore's fugitive founder
By Oliver Williams - 10 October 14:53

Glencore's worst kept secret.

Rob Liefeld's Captain America, an infamous example of 90s excess.
Run your business (into the ground) the Marvel Comics way
By Alex Hern - 10 October 11:30

The collapse of Marvel comics in the 1990s is legend – one everyone can learn from.

Ed might want to revise his position on "Tesco-isation of the high street"
By New Statesman - 09 October 18:01

Big stores go bust, smaller ones follow.

Osborne has taken the "dot communism" fetish to another level
By Josh Lowe - 09 October 15:54

Labour should learn from his error.