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The chorus from business is now deafening: "give us certainty on energy policy and low carbon investment"
By Maf Smith - 19 November 9:45

Businesses need to know what will happen in the future, writes RenewablesUK's Maf Smith. A government in turmoil can't provide that.

What’s going wrong with politics and energy – and how to fix it
By Alastair Harper - 16 November 14:43

Change is always tricky, but it's far from impossible, writes Green Alliance's Alastair Harper.

Business quote of the day: why the CBI didn't run LOCOG
By Helen Roxburgh - 16 November 14:04

"We need an industrial Olympics”                                                                                                       

Five questions answered on… BP's record fine for Deepwater Horizon
By Heidi Vella - 16 November 13:40

The oil giant's in giant trouble.

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The ADgenda: cold, dead-eyed Kooples
By Sophie Barnes - 15 November 13:27

The week's oddest advert.

Business quote of the day: the Luxembourg problem
By Helen Roxburgh - 15 November 9:24

If you are domiciled in a tax haven you’ve got much more money.

Five questions answered on… the fall in UK unemployment
By Heidi Vella - 14 November 15:10

Unemployment is at its lowest number for over a year. We answer five questions on the falling unemployment rates.

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Business quote of the day: long-term unemployment
By Helen Roxburgh - 14 November 10:44

We still need to tackle long-term unemployment.                                  

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Business quote of the day: inflation surprises
By Alex Hern - 13 November 14:06

“The surprise for us was the extent of the food price increase"               

Making sure the green shoots don’t wither away
By Scott Barnes - 13 November 12:19

The UK may be in recovery, writes Scott Barnes, but how can we keep it that way?

Five questions answered on the wholesale gas price fixing allegations
By Heidi Vella - 13 November 11:42

Regulators are investigating claims wholesale gas prices have been manipulated by major gas companies. We answer five questions on the gas pricing fiasco.

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Business quote of the day: Lord Myners on tax
By Helen Roxburgh - 12 November 14:00

"Corporation tax for multinationals operating in the UK is close to being a voluntary payment" 

Video: Barclays trader hurls abuse at construction workers
By Caroline Crampton - 12 November 11:46

Olivier Desbarres fired after a video of him yelling abuse at construction workers in Singapore was posted online.

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Business quote of the day: HRMC on tax evasion
By Helen Roxburgh - 09 November 11:08

“Clamping down on those who try to cheat the system through evading taxes is a top priority for us”

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Five questions answered on… the IAG-owned Iberia job losses
By Heidi Vella - 09 November 10:49

International Airlines Group (IAG), who owns British Airways, has announced it will cut a significant amount of jobs on its Iberia airline.

Is the Acer ad sexist?
By Sophie Barnes - 08 November 16:59

The ADgenda: this week's most offensive advert.

Five questions answered on the male/female pay gap
By Heidi Vella - 07 November 16:20

Women paid "significantly less".

Five questions answered on HSBC’s money laundering provisions
By Heidi Vella - 05 November 10:34

Mexican drug money has passed through the bank.

"Engineered for men": the rise of "Yorkie" advertising
By Anna Lezard - 03 November 13:11

The ADgenda: this week's most offensive advert.

Five questions answered… on Royal Bank of Scotland’s PPI provisions
By Heidi Vella - 02 November 11:28

The cost of PPI mis-selling continues to rise.

Next time there's a hurricane, the US may not be warned
By Liam Stoker - 02 November 8:56

A "gap" in satelite monitoring coming up.

Apple reprimanded over Samsung non-apology
By Alex Hern - 01 November 17:17

"Inaccurate and misleading".

Disney buys Lucasfilm: Five questions answered
By Heidi Vella - 31 October 11:23

Lucas passes the baton.