Other people's business


Camera + minicopter = your very own Truman show
By Sophie Barnes - 15 February 15:44

The week's most unusual business idea.

Retail sales drop year-on-year
By Alex Hern - 15 February 11:13

Corrugated bottom approaches.

New York Times hits back at Tesla Motors over fakery accusations
By Alex Hern - 15 February 10:23

"His broadest charge is that I consciously set out to sabotage the test. That is not so."

Trying to grow our own Apples, Googles and Amazons
By John Hammond - 15 February 9:43

The LSE's new high growth segment.

Did the NYT fake a breakdown of an electric car?
By Alex Hern - 14 February 15:46

Incongruities revealed in the logs.

It's a (sigh) Valentine's Day massacre
By Alex Hern - 14 February 13:44

GDP down worldwide.

In defence of page 3
By Martha Gill - 13 February 15:22

Page 4 is the real issue.

The government's "patent box" is the tax avoidance package companies have been begging for
By Tony McKenna - 13 February 13:07

It might incentivise innovation, but it definitely incentivises paying far less tax.

Five questions answered on Republic, the latest high street casualty
By Heidi Vella - 13 February 11:44

Republic calls in the administrators.

G7shambles continues
By Alex Hern - 13 February 11:12

G7 <strike>attempts</strike> <strike>desperately scrambles</strike> utterly fails to find unity.

A supermarket aisle
Horse meat: why is anyone surprised?
By Philip Maughan - 13 February 7:03

You pay peanuts, you get monkey.

New Statesman
There's a weirdly upbeat mood in the city
By Richard Cree - 12 February 15:43

Are we in denial?

Five Stories: the harsh realities of the Government's "bedroom tax"
By Frances Ryan - 12 February 10:05

Almost two-thirds of households affected by the "bedroom tax" have a disability. Frances Ryan talks to five people who will face debt, discomfort and even homelessness once the bedroom tax is implemented.

CPI stands at 2.7 per cent, unchanged for fourth month
By Alex Hern - 12 February 9:33

Stability in price levels.

New lending rules for banks: what's really at stake is choice for borrowers
By Fred Crawley - 11 February 14:26

Forget banks' "competitive disadvantages".

Is Excel the most dangerous piece of software in the world?
By Alex Hern - 11 February 12:42

Microsoft's calculator is partially to blame for JPMorgan losing $9bn, and a lot more besides.

Were two private equity buyouts the real cause of the horse meat scandal?
By Martha Gill - 11 February 9:10

A series of buyouts went all the way up the food chain.

A Dartmoor pony.
Horse meat: what happened, and what happens next?
By Caroline Crampton - 10 February 10:31

International mafia conspiracy, deadly lasagnes, calls for more regulation - rounded up.

There are loads of jobs - but only for those who already have one
By Martha Gill - 08 February 15:14

Why the rise in vacancies won't help the unemployed.

Housing near Clapham in London
The private rental sector: misery, stress and poverty
By Alan White - 08 February 11:27

Renting is the new normal, but for many it means no security and a constant risk of exploitation.

Top Gear's latest ad boldly goes where the 1950s went, like, all that time ago
By Anna Lezard - 08 February 10:07

The ADgenda: this week's most offensive advert.

Einhorn has a point: what the hell is Apple doing sitting on that money?
By Billy Bambrough - 08 February 9:47

Apple hoards cash, apparently, "like a person who has gone through a trauma".