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Facebook Home launches to eat Google's lunch
By Alex Hern - 05 April 9:15

The company has rolled out a replacement for the Android home screen.

Poverty is more damaging to health than obesity and smoking. These cuts will kill
By Martha Gill - 03 April 18:08

Welfare cuts will render people less able to work.

"Uncomfortable reading": 7 key extracts from the Salz report into Barclays' culture
By Martha Gill - 03 April 13:20

"A few investment bankers seemed to lose a sense of proportion and humility".

Amid the fury, the closure of the social fund is a quiet tragedy
By Carl Packman - 03 April 12:35

This government, the most radical in recent times, is laughing at us, writes Carl Packman

Five questions answered on the RBS investor compensation claim
By Heidi Vella - 03 April 11:50

There is a £3.5bn compensation claim against the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Iain Duncan Smith: "Been there, done that" on £53 a week. He hasn't
By Alex Hern - 03 April 8:27

IDS used the welfare state in his youth, and now he's pulling the ladder up behind him.

Lehman Sisters? Probably
By New Statesman - 02 April 17:50

New research suggests women are just as dangerous as men.

Yes, I am comparing the FCA to a reptilian monster
By Fred Crawley - 02 April 12:54

Problems regrow with the new financial services regulator.

When copyright rules lead to wasted innovation
By Alex Hern - 02 April 11:42

Aereo is undoubtedly innovative. But it's a waste of effort nonetheless.

Apple apologises to China
By New Statesman - 02 April 10:14

"We recognize that some people may have viewed our lack of communication as arrogant".

Government lays groundwork for slashing minimum wage
By Alex Hern - 02 April 8:49

The Government has instructed the Low Pay Commission to consider the impact of the minimum wage on “employment and the economy”.

China's anti-corruption drive is really hitting Scotch Whisky
By Emily Neil - 28 March 16:46

Xi Jinping makes problems for luxury goods.

In the wake of Cyprus, the euro can survive
By Nick Beecroft - 28 March 16:26

Everyone hold your breath... and then chill out and have a Easter egg.

New Statesman
Train passengers can't decide whether they're happy with services or not
By Chris Lo - 28 March 10:51

Passenger satisfaction surveys record wildly opposing results.

7 pictures of lonely journalists hoping for a Cypriot bank run
By Martha Gill - 28 March 9:27

The bank run probably won't happen, but capital controls might stay for a while.

Dealing with tax avoidance: why Australians do it better than the Brits
By Paul Stacey - 26 March 14:50

"Australia is a highly tax compliant country."

New Statesman
The BBC got 600 complaints over the Mair-Johnson interview
By Press Gazette - 26 March 13:22

Plus that transcript in full.

New Statesman
Eurogroup demonstrates how not to calm fears about Cyprus
By Alex Hern - 26 March 10:47

Jeroen Dijsselbloem nearly ruined everything.

$5 for "just looking"
By New Statesman - 26 March 10:09

A misguided attempt to stop people using stores as showrooms.

Did the UK banking sector really commit £20.2bn worth of villainy in 2012?
By Fred Crawley - 25 March 15:05

Massive penalties for banks are becoming business as usual.

The FSA will back "challengers" to big four high street banks
By New Statesman - 25 March 15:00

Making it easier for the little guys.

New Statesman
Five questions answered on Centrica’s £10bn gas deal
By Heidi Vella - 25 March 12:14

Deal to safeguard UK energy.