Other people's business


What is it about Sainsbury's?
By Neil Saunders - 08 May 15:49

Another impressive performance.

Going digital only - not the walk of shame it once was
By Dominic Ponsford - 08 May 14:34

How going digital-only became a positive move for publishers.

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Who gets the ring when you divorce?
By Spears magazine - 08 May 12:16

More reasons for a prenup.

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“There’s a schizophrenia here”
By Raymond Doherty - 08 May 10:10

Business quote of the day.

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We're living in the age of the hacker
By economia - 08 May 9:29

Hack or be hacked.

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Windows 8 has upset a lot of people
By Fred Crawley - 07 May 16:10

Users find themselves fruitlessly looking in the desktop’s bottom-left corner for a start button, like a confused bear hallucinating a salmon.

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This is why London property is so high right now
By Spears magazine - 07 May 10:13

But could it be approaching the limit?

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Bank chief: "We are lending as much as we can"
By Helen Roxburgh - 07 May 9:27

Business quote of the day.

Facebook is suffering from an overdose of dog food
By Alex Hern - 06 May 13:33

The company's staff are so ingrained with the network that they can't make products normal people want to use.

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The weird ethics of super soldiers
By Liam Stoker - 03 May 17:44

Why war is different.

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How Twitter could save your life
By Frances Cook - 03 May 9:52

Inane chat about runny noses, or pandemic predictor?

Most new businesses have old business models
By Alex Hern - 03 May 9:36

Terms like "disruptive" and "tech business" just distract from the essential similarity between many companies.

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Here's what Draghi meant when he said the ECB would "cope"
By Nick Beecroft - 02 May 17:41

Even the ECB is getting creative now.

We should be upset that the most extravagant social event of the year has been cancelled
By Oliver Williams - 02 May 9:51

ARK galas can raise as much as £26m in one night. Why are we storming the Bastille?

Deflation in the tech industry
By Alex Hern - 01 May 15:57

Bitcoin fans, take note.

Why the charities tax scandal might lead to more transparency
By Spears magazine - 01 May 11:55

The new legislation just might work.

Viking sperm-sales are plummeting right now
By Sandra Nielsen - 01 May 11:34

The other banking crisis.

Margaret Hodge shrugs off “tax prat" line
By economia - 30 April 15:51

Interview with the PAC chairman.

With a thirty-year bond yield, Apple enters corporate adulthood
By Alex Hern - 30 April 14:48

Take off the pullover and put on a suit and tie – you aren't a tech stock anymore.

Hacked Off needs to know when to stop fighting
By Dominic Ponsford - 30 April 14:34

In danger of plucking defeat out of the jaws of victory.