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The parties can't ignore the looming student finance crisis
By Rick Muir - 28 May 14:50

With further cuts to higher education and 40 per cent of student loans unlikely to be repaid, the parties need to agree on a sustainable funding system.

Just how much "community value" is in a football stadium?
By Martin Cloake - 28 May 12:28

Oxford United turns abstract into reality.

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I have a problem with suspended coffees
By Ritwik Deo - 28 May 12:14

The carbon credits of the coffee business are just a fad.

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Solar power trade war heats up
By Mark Brierley - 28 May 12:03

Angela Merkel steps in to quell fears over EU China trade links.

Renewable energy to save consumers between £25 and £100 billion
By Gordon Edge - 23 May 17:13

A new government report outlines the economic case for renewable energy, writes RenewableUK’s Gordon Edge.

Triple dip remains successfully avoided in GDP second estimate
By Alex Hern - 23 May 12:52

Stagnation continues, writes Alex Hern.

Wearable technology: next big thing?
By Ved Sen - 23 May 11:30

It's man and machine, not man versus machine.

Is Google’s share price about to crash?
By Andrew Amoils - 22 May 16:11

Could be about to follow Apple.

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Apple's tax ruse is astonishingly cynical
By Sophie McBain - 22 May 9:33

Remember when Apple was as fresh, green and wholesome as the fruit it’s named after?

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“Apple sought the Holy Grail of tax avoidance”
By Helen Roxburgh - 21 May 10:12

Business quote of the day.

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Yahoo buys Tumblr
By Mark Brierley - 20 May 11:50

Part of a wider trend.

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Tax: what's a fair share?
By Richard Cree - 20 May 10:09

The Public Accounts Committee is back on the tax trail.

Who lives in central London now?
By Oliver Williams - 20 May 9:43

52 per cent of all £2m+ homes in central London are bought by overseas buyers.

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“I think that you do do evil”
By Raymond Doherty - 17 May 13:25

Business quote of the day.

"Lame Duck" MPC stands pat and waits for the new Governor
By Nick Beecroft - 17 May 13:21

The calm before Carney's storm?

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A Brexit could mean more regulation for small businesses, not less
By Samuel C L Jones - 16 May 15:58

Questions raised at a recent New Statesman roundtable challenge the ‘better off out’ argument.

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Is the housing crisis over?
By Andrew Amoils - 15 May 11:57

Well maybe in America.

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Could this be the oil industry's Libor?
By Mark Brierley - 15 May 10:17

Shell, BP, Statoil and pricing agency Platts investigated for price manipulation.

Business quote of the day: very British tax havens
By Raymond Doherty - 13 May 10:09

ActionAid reports on the FTSE 100's dependence on tax dodging.

Tesco's treatment of its workers shows why we must stop subsidising it
By Robert Halfon - 10 May 16:41

After allegations of mistreatment of disabled and agency workers, the government should consider asking Tesco to repay the generous grants it has received, says Conservative MP Robert Halfon.

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Bloomberg caught peeking at Goldman Sachs' data
By Alex Hern - 10 May 15:16

The company will restrict access its journalists have to customer information.