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Tesco knows what its problems are: it just can't fix them
By Neil Saunders - 05 June 10:33

Today's results were not great.

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Developers of Draw Something, worth $180m in 2012, now worth $0m
By Alex Hern - 04 June 16:11

Can you hear the bubble pop? Can you hear it OMGPOP?

Healthcare: another thing that the Germans just do better
By James Dawson - 04 June 15:39

Germany has rejected restrictions on doctors visits.

Five reasons why MPs should back the 'green jobs' amendment
By Will Straw - 04 June 12:03

The amendment would provide the certainty for which the energy industry is calling and keep the UK on track to meet its legally binding carbon targets at the lowest cost.

SocGen strategist excoriates Osborne over Help to Buy
By Alex Hern - 04 June 11:28

"He may really deserve to be called a moron".

Why on earth did the Katona pay-day loan ad get banned?
By Katy Maydon - 04 June 11:10

"Fast cash for fast lives" comes under ASA's watchful gaze.

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Apple in court over price-fixing allegations
By Alex Hern - 03 June 16:54

Accused of conspiring with publishers to raise prices.

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This is how many new Turkish millionaires there are since 2007
By Oliver Williams - 03 June 13:56

The troubling stats under the protests.

Sugar backs green energy
By Mark Brierley - 03 June 12:34

But wind farms are where the jobs are.

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Google is about to overtake Apple, and Apple couldn't be happier
By Billy Bambrough - 03 June 11:48

If Apple can make more money coming second, why would it want to come first?

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The public sector has a lot to learn
By Richard Cree - 03 June 8:16

Getting the hell on with it.

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Does no-one do DIY anymore?
By Neil Saunders - 30 May 9:39

B&Q takes a hit.

Grant Shapps rebuked by UK Statistics Authority for misrepresenting benefit figures
By George Eaton - 30 May 9:14

Yet another Conservative politician is caught making it up.

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They’ve made a huge mistake...
By Fred Crawley - 29 May 16:55

...by making Arrested Development online only.

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Nudge nudge
By Spears magazine - 29 May 11:16

Nudging and charity.

Why we'll all be behind paywalls before too long
By Dominic Ponsford - 28 May 16:19

Looking like a no-brainer.

The parties can't ignore the looming student finance crisis
By Rick Muir - 28 May 14:50

With further cuts to higher education and 40 per cent of student loans unlikely to be repaid, the parties need to agree on a sustainable funding system.

Just how much "community value" is in a football stadium?
By Martin Cloake - 28 May 12:28

Oxford United turns abstract into reality.

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I have a problem with suspended coffees
By Ritwik Deo - 28 May 12:14

The carbon credits of the coffee business are just a fad.

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Solar power trade war heats up
By Mark Brierley - 28 May 12:03

Angela Merkel steps in to quell fears over EU China trade links.