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Mark Carney is gambling with his credibility
By Nick Beecroft - 04 July 17:51

Risky, risky, risky.

New Statesman
How to be a powerful woman: be connected
By New Statesman - 04 July 13:27

Careers advice from Woman's Hour.

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The zombies of Mayfair
By Nicholas Shaxson - 04 July 8:41

Private equity firms and hedge funds with their hidden fees don’t just skew markets – they often aren’t even very good. So why is your pension probably invested with one?

The British need to learn to love failure
By Nigel Knowles - 04 July 8:35

Something we can learn from the Yanks.

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Five ways Bebo could actually make a comeback
By James Evans - 03 July 15:14

The site’s founder, Michael Birch, has just bought it back for $1m.

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China: "please don't talk about our screwed-up banking system"
By Alex Hern - 03 July 14:51

Nobody panic. That's an order.

Why the US bond market matters
By Felix Martin - 03 July 14:15

Felix Martin's "Real Money" column.

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Five questions answered on Ofcom’s broadband changes
By Heidi Vella - 03 July 12:28

Is it really going to change things that much?

"I have tits – give me free stuff": the WTF world of elite social networking
By Spears magazine - 03 July 12:14

It's a small world after all, finds Melinda Hughes.

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Strong PMI figures indicate return to growth in Q2 2013
By Alex Hern - 03 July 11:56

Maybe things don't suck?

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How to be a powerful woman: be in balance
By New Statesman - 03 July 10:25

Careers advice from Woman's Hour.

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TfL takes over services to Hertfordshire
By Alex Hern - 03 July 10:19

The franchise model is slowly dying in London.

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"I was told about this £20bn down the back of the sofa quite a long time ago"
By Helen Roxburgh - 03 July 10:01

Vince Cable on RBS: business quote of the day.

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Our warming planet, set to music
By Alex Hern - 02 July 10:52

This is what climate change sounds like.

How to be a powerful woman: be resilient
By New Statesman - 02 July 8:08

Careers advice from Woman's Hour.

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Google Reader is dying. Here's where to go next
By Alex Hern - 01 July 12:42

Don't bury your head in the sand, switch to one of these services.

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"I knew they were bad, bad, bad"
By Raymond Doherty - 01 July 10:22

Business quote of the day.

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What will whistleblower reform mean for businesses?
By economia - 01 July 8:21

A new law protects whistleblowers.

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Will investors flood out of Turkey?
By Elizabeth Stephens - 01 July 8:11

Depends who they are.

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How to be a powerful woman: be ambitious
By New Statesman - 01 July 7:48

Careers advice from Woman's Hour.

Chuka Umunna's speech on a better capitalism: full text
By Chuka Umunna - 29 June 11:40

"The global economy is changing – but that doesn’t mean we’re powerless to shape our destiny."

Why you should care about the student loan fire-sale, even if you aren't a student
By Alex Hern - 28 June 15:11

Danny Alexander is out to get the worst return for your investment he can.

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Will the spending round crush urban growth?
By Alexandra Jones - 28 June 13:50

Alexandra Jones welcomes funding for skills, but worries that grants to pay for councils and growth have been wiped out.

Tiny robots are taking over medical technology
By Elly Earls - 28 June 10:33

"The system is like a videogame".