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New Statesman
Sport was never "only a game"
By Martin Cloake - 18 July 9:39

This summer, it's sport that has made us human.

Medical futurology is no excuse for the UK's organ failures
By Michael Brooks - 18 July 8:51

A mouse with a human liver is extraordinary indeed, but we should do better with what science has provided.

The Sleep of Reason.
Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep by Jonathan Crary: Sleep is a standing affront to capitalism
By Steven Poole - 18 July 7:45

When hungry digital companies measure success in "eyeballs" is sleep the last remaining zone of dissidence, of anti-productivity and even of solidarity?

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The EU caps fees on Visa and MasterCard
By Douglas Blakey - 17 July 15:14

A certain feeling of déjà vue.

New Statesman
Teaching economics teaches young people who to blame for their problems
By Michael Grimes - 17 July 15:07

No wonder Michael Gove wants to stop doing it.

New Statesman
Five questions answered on the recent fall in unemployment
By Heidi Vella - 17 July 13:58

Down by 57,000 to 2.51 million.

New Statesman
Real wages down and unemployment stubbornly high, but could that be good news?
By Alex Hern - 17 July 10:13

Unemployment's fall has stopped, but that could signal a recovery in productivity.

New Statesman
"A disregard for the proper use of taxpayers money"
By Raymond Doherty - 17 July 10:09

The PAC on Richard Alderman: business quote of the day.

New Statesman
Serco's troubles spread to the US
By Alex Hern - 17 July 9:07

The company is facing questioning over an Obamacare contract thanks to its problems in the UK.

The housing crisis is pricing workers out of ever more of Britain
By Vidhya Alakeson - 16 July 15:37

Renting is now more expensive than owning with a mortgage in 44 per cent of all local authorities, but for many families it is the only option.

Women offered as perks in a job ad
By Alex Hern - 16 July 11:39

Geek misogyny, take a bow. Then leave.

New Statesman
What price bread in Egypt?
By Elizabeth Stephens - 16 July 11:05

Moving from an "autocracy of bread" to a "democracy of bread".

NHS report author says claim of "13,000 needless deaths" is a misrepresentation
By George Eaton - 16 July 10:40

Bruce Keogh, the author of the report into 14 NHS trusts, writes: "Don’t believe everything you read, particularly in some newspapers."

The Sunday Times and David Hunt: we still need big media
By Dominic Ponsford - 16 July 10:32

Exposing big wrongs is expensive.

New Statesman
CPI increases, squeezing wages further
By Alex Hern - 16 July 10:10

Inflation up, real wages down.

New Statesman
Guys, come on, we all know newspapers are doomed
By Spencer Neal - 16 July 10:02

Why are headlines trying to persuade us otherwise?

The Great British seaside reinvention
By Felicity Cloake - 16 July 8:18

It’s all very well getting misty-eyed about steamy-windowed seaside caffs serving up crab sandwiches and pots of tea but the reality is that the crab was always tinned and the teapot always leaked.

New Statesman
The map which explains why Boris Johnson wants to close Heathrow
By Alex Hern - 15 July 14:17

It must be political, because it certainly isn't economic.

New Statesman
Five questions answered on the benefits cap roll out
By Heidi Vella - 15 July 13:42

How much is the government actually going to save?

We need to talk about the British property cult
By Spencer Neal - 15 July 13:36

Something should be done about the housing crisis before it's too late.

New Statesman
"We need to prevent the excesses happening again”
By Helen Roxburgh - 15 July 11:54

Vince Cable: business quote of the day.

iWatch: Apple’s first true foray into wearable tech
By Mark Brierley - 15 July 11:33

You have to say the odds are stacked against them though.

New Statesman
Is social media data in finance a double-edged sword?
By Carlos Pallordet - 15 July 9:40

The NSA saga should also make us wary of how private companies are using our personal data.

Why can't we do anything about the weather?
By Michael Brooks - 11 July 8:39

It’s hard to fathom that the warmth you feel (or don’t feel) today was created at a time when Neanderthals were still around. Yet that is not the real mystery. . .

Alan Sugar.
Lord Sugar's OptimEyes system will track your face and eyeballs
By Fred Crawley - 10 July 11:22

Now when we gaze into the abyss of direct marketing, it will gaze back, and come to know us.

TSA Instagram.
The TSA is on Instagram - and the results are alarming
By Frances Cook - 09 July 17:16

Why are hundreds of firearms being discovered each month in carry-on bags – and why are the majority of these weapons loaded?