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Sunday Times reporter 'lucky' to survive Tripoli shooting

War correspondent Miles Amoore survived a bullet to the head in Tripoli.

Sunday Times war correspondent Miles Amoore has been described as "incredibly lucky" by the paper's foreign editor after he survived being shot in the head in Tripoli.

Amoore was hit by loyalists on a road leading toward Colonel Gadaffi's compound in Tripoli on Saturday but was saved by his Kevlar helmet.

He was hiding behind a gate with rebel troops when they came under fire. In his account of the incident in The Sunday Times, Amoore said the bullet pierced the gate first - slowing down the bullet "just enough" to prevent it from entering his skull.

After he was hit Ammore and Sunday Times photographer Paul Conroy continued pushing into the compound with the rebels. An hour later a bullet hit Conroy's camera and "sent it flying from his hands".

"Miles picked himself up and carried on reporting after he was hit, and he was the first journalist to enter Gaddafi's compound as it fell to the rebels," the paper's foreign editor Sean Ryan told Press Gazette.

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