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Charlie Sheen sues Warner Brothers

After being fired, Sheen takes Warner Brothers to court over lost earnings.

The star of the hit US show 'Two and a Half Men' Charlie Sheen has filed a $100m lawsuit against his previous employers Warner Brothers.

Sheen was sacked from the show earlier this week after he refused to enter rehabilitation for a reoccurring drug problem.

The lawsuit will seek compensation for earnings lost from the 8 episodes cancelled by Warner Brothers as a result of Sheen's behaviour, which could amount to as much as $2m.

The case blames the show's producer, Chuck Lorre, for conspiring to sack Sheen. It is claimed that Lorre himself wanted to end the show and move onto other projects, so he sacked Sheen and blamed him for the cancellation as an alibi. It states that Lorre hated Sheen, and the sacking came before Sheen publically criticised him.

Liam McLaughlin is a freelance journalist who has also written for Prospect and the Huffington Post. He tweets irregularly @LiamMc108.