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Charlie Sheen fired from Two and a Half Men

After weeks of controversy, Warner Brothers have sacked star Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen, one of the highest paid TV actors in the US, has been fired by Warner Brothers Television.

The star of the hit show Two and a Half Men reportedly rejected Warner Brothers' request that he enter rehab after repeated lapses into drug abuse.

Sheen frequently used drugs from early in his career, but went into rehab in 1998 after a cocaine overdose. In January of this year he was hospitalised for stomach pains which reportedly came after a drugs and alcohol bender with porn star companions.

In March, Sheen phoned the Dan Patrick radio show and claimed that sobriety bored him, and that crack was ok if you could manage it socially.

Though the future of Two and a Half Men is uncertain, and the loss of the show could cost Warner Brothers up to $250m, it seems the company had little choice but to punish Sheen's increasingly destructive antics.

Sheen himself is nonchalant, claiming he is happy he won't ever have to wear the silly shirts his character Charlie Harper is known for.

Liam McLaughlin is a freelance journalist who has also written for Prospect and the Huffington Post. He tweets irregularly @LiamMc108.