Libya: Al Jazeera journalist killed, Guardian man still held

An Al Jazeera cameraman has been killed in Libya, reportedly by forces loyal to Gadaffi.

Al Jazeera's network director insisted that "the truth cannot be silenced" after one of its journalists was killed in Libya on Saturday.

According to the Qatar-based rolling news network, cameraman Ali Hassaon Al Jaber was returning to the rebel-held town of Benghazi after filing a report from an opposition protest when the car he was travelling in came under fire.

Al Jazeera correspondent Tony Birtley said: "This is an extension of the campaign against Al Jazeera, and Al Jazeera Arabic particularly - because everyone here watches Al Jazeera Arabic. Their work has been heroic, and it has been a great shock to lose a colleague."

Al Jazeera's reporting of the Arab revolts has been widely praised and seen as a catalyst for change by spreading news about protests and highlighting instances of state repression. This has seen it come under pressure from the authorities in many of the countries it has been reporting from.

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Dominic Ponsford is editor of Press Gazette