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Iran accused of blocking BBC Egyptian coverage

BBC has claimed its Persian channel is being jammed within Iran.

The BBC has claimed its Persian television service is again being jammed from within Iran following rolling coverage of the political turmoil currently engulfing Egypt.

The corporation said heavy electronic jamming of satellites its uses in the Middle East to broadcast the BBC Persian TV signal to Iran started last night.

Technicians working for the BBC traced the interference and confirmed that it is coming from Iran - as it did when protests against the re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad began in Tehran in June, 2009.

Director of BBC Global News Peter Horrocks last night called for the immediate cessation of the satellite jamming.

He said: "The events in Egypt are being viewed by the entire world and it is wrong that our significant Iranian audience is being denied impartial news and information from BBC Persian TV.

"This is a regional story that Persian TV have been covering thoroughly and it is clear from our audience feedback that Iranian people want to know what is happening in Egypt.

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