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Dyke outlines plan for 80 local TV stations in UK

Former BBC director general plans an expansion in local TV.

Former BBC director general Greg Dyke used a speech last night to outline a more ambitious plan for local TV than the one set out by investment banker Nicholas Shott.

Like Shott, Dyke was asked by the Government to carry out an investigation into the prospects for a new local TV network for the UK.

Publishing his advice to Government last month, Shott said he believed the UK could support a network of up to a dozen local TV station in major cities, with an annual running cost of around £1.6m per station.

Dyke told an audience at York University last night that his Local Television Advisory Committee would tell Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt a network of up to 80 stations is possible with running costs of just £500,000 a year.

Full story at the Press Gazette.

Dominic Ponsford is editor of Press Gazette