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Sky News chief wants cameras in courtrooms

Ryley said trails should be televised and be kept open for public scrutiny

Sky News chief John Ryley has called for allowing cameras in the courtrooms, the Guardian reports.

Referring to the trials of six parliamentarians accused of dishonesty over their expenses, Ryley said such trails should be televised and be kept open for public scrutiny.

He told the Guardian that such trials were "hugely important in terms of setting public policy".

Ryley, who has been a long time proponent of cameras in courtrooms, called for the political parties to support the introduction of cameras into courtrooms before any other cases of public interest prop up.

He said by closing ranks, parliamentarians are forcing public to think that they are relying on secrecy.

Ryley added that in contrast, by welcoming the cameras in courtrooms, parliamentarians can demonstrate their commitment to openness and transparency.

He earlier called for courtroom restrictions to be lifted in a speech to the Cambridge Union Society in January this year.