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Larry King to bid farewell to 25-year-old CNN show

Piers Morgan to replace the veteran interviewer.

Veteran broadcaster Larry King will bid farewell to his 25-year-old "Larry King Live" show on CNN with his last show on Thursday night, which will be aired live from Los Angeles.

The 77-year King is to interview 16 high-profile guests on his last show. While CNN is remaining silent on the names of the guests, most of them are understood to be politicians.

King, who had in the past interviewed many high profile guests such as the former US president George Bush, Elizabeth Taylor and the former US vice-president Al-Gore, is known to combine high politics with show business news and gossip.

The show attracted almost 20 million viewers during King's peak years. But recent ratings show that the number of viewers have fallen to about 700,000.

Most of King's colleagues and interviewees have expressed grief over his departure.

Katie Couric, the CBS News presenter, told the New York Times: "There's something about being very direct, no frills. It's never about Larry. It's always about the person with whom he's speaking."

American businessman Ross Perot added: "Unlike other television hosts who will interrupt you if you're not saying what they want you to say," King will "let you finish what you're saying."