Frankie Boyle slammed for using racist words

Channel 4 defend the stand-up's "cutting edge comedy" after comments made on Tramadol Nights

Comedian Frankie Boyle, who is already under investigation for making a controversial joke about model Katie Price's disabled son, has got into trouble again for using inappropriate language on his show.

Boyle apparently used the words "nigger" and "Paki" in his Tuesday's episode of his Tramadol Nights series broadcast on Channel 4. The broadcaster has been condemned for airing the episode.

The Conservative MP John Whittingdale said the Scottish comedian should no longer be allowed to continue with his brand of humour.

"The words n***** and P*** are deeply offensive to a large number of people. I don't think even in comedy it is justified," he said. Whittingdale added that Boyle is becoming a "serial offender" and channel 4 should rethink whether it is appropriate to screen programmes which are regularly causing offence to a lot of people.

A Channel 4 spokesman responded by saying that Boyle's comments were "satirical" and not racist.

"This cutting edge comedy is clearly intended to ridicule and satirise the use of these words - Frankie Boyle was not endorsing them," he said.