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Alex Reid seeks apology from Channel 4 for Frankie Boyle's "disgusting" comments

Boyle criticised for comments made about Katie Price's disabled son Harvey

Katie Price's husband Alex Reid has asked Channel 4 to apologise for comedian Frankie Boyle's "disgusting" comments about Price's disabled son Harvey.

Boyle made several comments about Harvey, who suffers from septo-optic dysplasia and autism, on his show Tramadol Nights.

Ofcom launched an investigation into the show after Price accused the comic of being a 'bully' when he made comments about her son, whose father is footballer Dwight Yorke.

In an interview to Star magazine, Reid said the broadcaster has to say sorry for airing the show.

He said he was "flabbergasted" by Boyle's "disgusting" jokes about Harvey adding that commenting on disability also amounts to an offence.

"I hope people see his comments for what they are. I would also hope he doesn't gain any more notoriety or fame through it. That would be a real shame," he said.

Despite Price's lawyers threatening to take legal action against Channel 4 for Boyle's comments, the broadcaster decided to repeat the episode after initial screening.

Price said in a statement that the broadcaster was "exploiting discrimination" by choosing to repeat the show.