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BBC to delay announcement on World Service job cuts

Budget cuts could lead to 300+ job losses

The BBC is likely to defer its announcement of job cuts in the World Service until the New Year.

The World Service faces a 16 per cent budget cut over a four-year period. This year's budget has already been cut to £261m from last year's budget of £272m as part of the government's Comprehensive Spending Review.

It is understood that the reduction in the budget could lead to more than 300 job losses and the cutting of entire language services.

Peter Horrocks, director of the World Service, said in a staff email that the announcements have to be delayed at least till January 2011 to allow further discussion about future plans for the World Service with the BBC Trust as it enters the new licence fee period.

He added that though it was annoying to postpone the date of announcement, discussions with the BBC Trust would be in the interest of the World Service.

Horrocks also said that managers would keep staff abreast about the future developments and give them an opportunity to ask any questions and give feedback on their concerns.