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George Galloway TV show censured for bias

Former MP's Iranian government funded show in breach of impartiality rules

Ofcom has criticised the phone-in programme presented by former MP George Galloway on Iranian international news network Press TV for breaching impartiality rules.

The media regulator investigated the weekly show after viewers complained that it was biased against Israel.

Ofcom ruled that "due impartiality" was not maintained in individual programmes or across the series.

It said the broadcaster failed to engage or debate with Galloway's views and come up with alternate viewpoints.

Although Press TV, which is funded by the Iranian government, showed four instances in which alternative viewpoints were presented, Ofcom said the views were "dismissed" by Galloway.

Ofcom criticised the programme in last June also when Galloway accused the Israeli government of using "a Nazi tactic", conducting a "brutal apartheid-style occupation" and committing "war crimes" in various editions of his discussion programmes.