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Pierce Brosnan returns to TV with new series

Sony to take show to an international market place

Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan is returning to television after 23 years.

The 57-year old is acting in a new TV series that he is co-producing along with Sony.

The Irish star's new show is about an international sleuth who investigates kidnappings, murders and industrial espionage. It is penned by former ER writer/producer Jack Orman.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Brosnan, who starred in TV series Remington Steele, may not play the lead role in the yet-to-be titled series, which is partly based on the real-life experiences of a Los Angeles-based investigative bureau.

The show, which is produced by Jack Orman, Beau St. Clair, Keri Selig and Brosnan, is yet to find a broadcaster.

The Guardian quoted Sony Pictures Television as saying that it is keen on taking the show to the international market place.