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BBC directed to improve 'formulaic and derivative' shows

BBC Trust review discovers that daytime TV is overly dominated by "collectables hunting and property

The BBC Trust has directed the corporation to improve its main channels, BBC1 and BBC2, within a year after a review found parts of the schedule "formulaic and derivative".

The review pointed out that daytime television on the BBC had become too dominated by shows about "collectables hunting and property".

It stated that though BBC1 had been performing well in audience ratings, it needed to be more ambitious and risk-taking.

The survey report found out that one-third of viewers of BBC1, which has a total budget of £1.37bn or 41 per cent of the licence fee, felt that the channel did not deliver good value for money.

The Trust also instructed BBC1 to show more "range, variety and surprise" in its early evening programming.

BBC2 needed to provide something "manifestly different from BBC1 even at the risk that BBC2's reach may fall," the report pointed out.

The report also said BBC4 should show less comedy and entertainment shows and instead refocus on arts, music and culture.

"We would expect to see signs of improvement in audience perceptions by the end of 2011 and will consider at that point whether we need to ask for further action from BBC management to address audience concerns," the Trust said.