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BBC World Service websites to carry advertisements

Horrocks announces "seismic shift" for organisation.

The BBC's director of global news, Peter Horrocks has announced the corporation's plans to introduce advertising on a few of the 31 foreign language websites of the World Service, reports the Guardian.

According to Horrocks, the move is part of a "seismic shift" for the whole organisation.

Revenue from online advertisements could generate new income for the BBC, said Horrace to the staff on Thursday, as BBC main will be assuming funding commitments for the World Service, BBC monitoring and the state Welsh broadcaster S4C.

The executives at BBC are working out the details of this week's licence fee settlement which has reduced the corporation's budget by £140m-a-year from £3.6bn.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne said on Wednesday that the World Service budget will be slashed by 16 per cent over the next four years.

"Dot com [referring to the international news site run by BBC worldwide] already has adverts so the logical step could be an income stream for World Service language sites. That's just an idea, not a policy," said Horrocks.

Horracks also hinted at the possible closure of certain divisions of the World Service "where the need is least and the impact is lowest".