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One in six British families have five television sets

Two thirds of households own at least three TV sets.

One in six families own five television sets in Britain and two-thirds of households own three sets or more, research conducted by retail giant Tesco shows.

The company also finds that separate TV sets in individual bedrooms, along with one for the kitchen and living room is the current norm of television ownership in most British households.

While families still watch popular shows together, they prefer viewing other shows on digital channels individually.

Additionally, Tesco reports that kitchens have become the latest venue to place flat-screen televisions for families to view as they cook or dine.
Many households already have big flat screen TVs in their living rooms and now customers are adding smaller sets in other rooms, said Tesco commercial manager Matt Finch.

Finch added that this was not just for programme viewing "but also to watch DVDs and play video games".

Digital television penetrates an estimated 92.7 per cent of British homes, a 3 per cent increase from the previous year.