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Channel 4 to air 'dramatised documentary' of Prince Harry

The 90-minute programme, "The Taking of Prince Harry", will air on 21 October.

Channel 4 will air a "dramatised documentary" about the hypothetical kidnapping of Prince Harry by Talibans while on military duty in Afghanistan.

The 90-minute programme, "The Taking of Prince Harry", scheduled to air on 21 October will show the Prince being kidnapped and taken to Pakistan after the Apache helicopter he is flying crashes.

The documentary shows the Prince, played by the actor Sebastian Reid, being subjected to mock executions and forced to appear in videos for the Taliban demanding troops to leave Afghanistan.

It features contributions from former hostages and intelligence experts and includes scenes in which the Prince is held behind enemy lines while negotiations are underway to free him.

The broadcaster, known for airing controversial programmes about the royal family, has defended its decision to make the film saying Harry was likely to be target for the Taliban, if he did not return. Hamish Mykura, Channel 4's head of documentaries, said: "It's a very real and live issue and one that we think is well worth exploring."

Harry served for 10 weeks as a forward air controller in Afghanistan's Helmand province alongside the Gorkhas. His presence there was kept a secret. However, he is understood to have returned home in February 2008 when the secret was leaked.