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Dispatches: New former NoW journalist makes phone-hack claims

Claims from an un-named source say Coulson was played phone hack conversations.

Following on from our earlier report, last night's Dispatches documentary reported new claims from an un-named individual who worked at an editorial level under Andy Coulson as NoW editor.

In words spoken by an actor the man said of mobile phone hacking: "It wasn't regarded as illegal as such, it was regarded as fairly dodgy. I'd say it was fairly common but not so common that everybody was doing it, that wasn't the case at all. But the people who did know how to do it would do it regularly.

He said that "Lots of people" did it day to day and that following the jailing of Goodman and Mulcaire. "There were huge rumours swirling every day about who they were going to cart off next." The source added: "Then the feeling in the newsroom turned to surprise that nobody else was affected."

He said: "Andy was a very good editor, he was very conscientious and he wouldn't let stories run unless he knew they were correct, so if the evidence that a reporter had was a recorded phone message that would be what Andy wanted to know about. They would have to say 'yes there's a recorded message' which you would either go and play to him or show him a transcript of to satisfy that they weren't going to get sued, that it wasn't made up."

Coulson told Dispatches that he had nothing to add to his previous denials, in which he has stated that he had no knowledge of phone hacking when he was editor of the News of the World.