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BBC spends beyond budget on Chile rescue

Coverage of G20, Oscars, and Cancun climate summit threatened.

BBC spent beyond its budget in covering the Chile miners' rescue threatening its coverage of other important events including next month's G20 summit in Seoul and the Oscars.

The BBC's world news editor, Jon Williams, is understood to have divulged the coverage break-up in a memo to fellow executives.

He said that BBC News has sent 26 people to cover the dramatic rescue of the San José miners, and the newsgathering costs for the site are likely to exceed £100,000.

Williams also warned that the corporation has already exceeded its agreed overspend of £500,000 by £67,000 and that this would impact the BBC's coverage of other important events.

It is understood that the BBC would scale back editor deployments to the G20 summit as well as to the Cancun climate summit scheduled in November and December.

Williams also hinted at reducing coverage of the Lisbon Nato summit and the live Oscar coverage next February.