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Jeremy Clarkson says 'the Stig' has been sacked

Top Gear host says 'the Stig' is 'history' and may be dumped for the new series.

Top Gear co-host Jeremy Clarkson has said that the person who plays the anonymous white-suit and helmeted driver "the Stig" on the show has been sacked.

In a video interview published online on Tuesday by Oxfordshire-based community news service WitneyTV, Clarkson said he was hurt when the Stig, reportedly identified as Ben Collins, decided to unmask himself in his autobiography.

He said the Formula 3 driver, who was interviewed at a charity auction at Chipping Norton Lido, is "history" to the Top Gear team and hinted that the Stig character may be dumped from the new series later this year.

Clarkson said the team has been trying to figure out the future course of action, adding "we will get somebody. Top Gear is damaged but not out."

Collins is the second person to play the Stig and reveal his identity. He replaced Perry McCarthy - who played a black-suited Stig - in 2003, after McCarthy also revealed his identity in a book.

The BBC this month failed to get a court injunction to stop Collins from publishing his book.