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MTV plans personalised television channels

The Viacom-owned network, has begun collecting detailed information about one million British viewer

MTV is planning to introduce personalised television channels based on individuals' programme choices, the Times reports.

The Viacom-owned network, which launched its first online-only television show this week, has begun collecting detailed information such as name, sex, age and favourite TV programme of about one million British viewers on its websites.

MTV will combine this data with information about web traffic on hit shows, to come up with tailor-made programming to suit audience needs.

The Times quoted Philip O'Ferrall, head of digital media at MTV Networks, as saying: "We can tell who watches what online, we have geographical and demographic data - it's pretty detailed. As technology increases, we'll be able to use that information to tailor programming to suit the audience."

O'Ferrall added that they would initially like to use the information in a "light-touch way", sending e-mails to fans informing them about shows being shown that week. "As more televisions become internet-enabled, companies can integrate social networking sites and instant message boards into TV programmes," he added.