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BBC warns Top Gear's 'The Stig' against disclosing identity

The Stig's planned autobiography would reveal his true identity and the BBC are ready to fight with

The anonymous, masked stunt driver of the BBC's Top Gear show, "The Stig", has been threatened by the broadcaster with legal action against publishing an autobiography that would disclose his identity.

BBC lawyers maintain that The Stig is contractually obliged to keep his identity a secret. He appears in a white helmet with a blackened visor on the show, where he undertakes test-drives and trains celebrity drivers.

However, the mystery co-presenter of the automobile show is said to be unhappy that other presenters earn considerable sums from book deals and promotional products, says the Telegraph. And the Guardian points out that The Stig has helped Top Gear become the biggest ratings hit for BBC 2.

The Stig's lawyers plan to challenge any attempt to seek an injunction against the book. They say he could file a case under the Human Rights Act arguing that the corporation's preventing him from ever writing a book would deny him the right to free speech, the Telegraph adds.

The previous Stig, Perry McCarthy, was sacked in 2003 after his identity was revealed.