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Louie Psihoyos sues CBS and BBC over unauthorised use of photo

Director files complaint in New York court over copyright breach.

Louie Psihoyos, the Oscar-winning director of the dolphin-rights documentary "The Cove", is suing the BBC and CBS for allegedly using a photograph he took in 1994 for the National Geographic, Reuters reports.

The picture portrays a set of active television screens surrounding a man seated in a dark open place.

Psihoyos filed a complaint in New York District Court on Monday seeking an unspecified amount as damages. He said that the BBC used the photo in an article titled "Future is TV-shaped, says Intel" that appeared on the BBC news website last September, and that CBS Marketing had used it for a commercial display at the 2009 Intel Developers Forum.

Psihoyos argued that it took more than a month for him to create the photo and cost him about $100,000.

He also said that he had licensed the photo "thousands of times" to Microsoft, IBM, Lucent, Sony, Time magazine and Apple.