House of Lords to launch inquiry into TV ad market

Probe will look into effects of regulation on UK market.

The House of Lords is to launch an inquiry into the regulation of TV advertising following concerns about the impact of declining advertising revenues on public sector broadcasting.

The inquiry will focus on whether the current level of regulation of television advertising is appropriate, and whether current rules on contract rights renewal (CRR), product placement, and scheduling and sales of advertising are detrimental to the UK television industry. It will also examine the reasons for the recent decline in revenues of commercial television companies.

The House of Lords communications committee has called for evidence on issues such as CRR and product placement, and the financial impact of any changes in these areas on television companies.

The Earl of Onslow said it is pertinent that the "regulation of television advertising adapts to the times and that the right regulations are in force for the benefit of the industries as well as for the public."

ITV, which has been lobbying for the removal of CRR, has welcomed the inquiry into the regulation of TV advertising in the UK.