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Stephen Fry to host language documentary on BBC2

Broadcaster will present five-part doc on language origins.

Writer and broadcaster Stephen Fry will host a new five-part documentary series on language, called "Planet Word", on BBC 2.

In an interview with Radio Times, Fry revealed that the programme would explore the origin of language, its variations and the way it is spoken.

He noted that language was one of his "many passions" and that he would be travelling to China to interview the man who invented Pinyin, a phonetic version of the Chinese language.

"I think programmes only work if they matter to you, because I think audiences are smart," said Fry, while talking about his recent series on Wagner. He added that he does not want to do things he is not genuinely interested in.

Recently, while speaking at a Bafta annual television lecture in London, the 52-year old criticised the BBC for its unsophisticated programmes, saying that the corporation should give viewers more credit for being smarter. He said broadcasters should make programmes that "surprised and astonished" rather than being "pompous and academic".