UKTV launches first web-only TV show

David Baddiel will star in online footbal "mockumentary".

UKTV is to launch its first online-only programme, called FC Dave, on 3 June.

The programme is a "mockumentary" series featuring comedy writer David Baddiel. It will focus on the misfortunes of a five-side-football team called FC Dave.

The programme is aimed at capitalising on the build-up to the football World Cup, which begins next week in South Africa.

An online competition will encourage real five-a-side football teams to apply for Dave sponsorship and win prizes on the site.

The campaign will run on digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and YouTube.

UKTV, an independent joint-venture between BBC Worldwide and Virgin Media, relaunched the website for comedy TV channel Dave as an entertainment portal last year.