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Jon Gaunt challenges Ofcom over 'Nazi' comment

Gaunt's counsel said his client's fundamental right to free speech and criticise a professional poli

Sacked Talksport radio presenter Jon Gaunt is taking judicial review proceedings against Ofcom at London's High Court, for upholding complaints against him in calling a Tory councillor a "Nazi" on his live show.

Gaunt made the comments on his show in November 2008 in an interview with Councillor Michael Stark about Redbridge Council's decision to ban smokers from becoming foster parents.

As Stark defended the decision, Gaunt - who had been in care as a child - accused him of being a "Nazi", an "ignorant pig" and a "health Nazi". He also argued that children in care would be deprived of the chance of finding a foster home under the new policy.

The comments drew 53 complaints and Ofcom decided to uphold them against him for unlawfully using his freedom of expression.

However, an Ofcom spokesman said its role was only to decide whether a particular broadcast was in breach of generally accepted standards in the Broadcasting Code.