UTV Media boss gets pay rise as profits fall 12.5 per cent

Total staff costs for 2009 were £30.3m, down slightly on the previous year's £31.8m.

John McCann, the chief executive of the ITV franchise holder, recieved a total package of £450,000 while staff numbers were cut by 90, the Guardian reports. His remuneration package represented an increase on 2008 despite the company reporting a 12.5 per cent fall in profits. The company, which has said that it cut about 150 staff and froze salaries during the downturn, did not pay bonuses to directors in 2009.

The total paid out to UTV's board of directors and non-executive directors, which totalled 10 in number, was £1.32m last year. This represented a 14.5 per cent year on year fall compared with 2008's £1.55m.

UTV's chairman, John McGuckian, was the highest-paid non-executive director, receiving £118,885. His basic salary and fees were £85,000 with benefits of £33,892. UTV said the chairman's benefits package consisted of a "car, fuel and necessary business equipment".

UTV's annual report shows that staff numbers were cut by 90, from 1,004 at the end of the year in 2008 to 914 at the close of last year. In percentage terms UTV's television operation took the biggest hit with a 13 per cent fall in numbers from 218 to 190 staff. GB Radio, which includes the TalkSport business, saw headcount fall from 415 to 372, a drop of more than 10 per cent year on year. Radio Ireland staff numbers fell from 299 to 273, an 8.7 per cent year-on-year drop. The Belfast-based company's new media operation, however, actually increased year on year, from 72 to 79 staff.