1.8m viewers watch England victory in Cricket Twenty20 World Cup Final

England's defeat of Australia was most watched multi-channel programme of the day.

Nearly 1.8 million viewers watched England's defeat of Australia in the Twenty20 World Cup final on Sunday, making it the most watched multi channel programme of the day.

According to the Guardian, the match drew a 10.3 per cent audience share between 4.30 - 7.45pm.

While Sky Sports 1's live World Twenty20 final coverage attracted 1.792 million viewers, the full coverage, including pre- and post-match comment and analysis, drew 1.551 million viewers over four and a half hours from 4pm.

Repeats of Saturday's Britain's Got Talent, Britain's Got More Talent on ITV2, and new episodes of Family Guy on BBC3 were the next most watched shows.