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Party election broadcasts watched by almost 9 million

Labour party broadcast featured Sean Pertwee and voice of David Tennant.

It was watched by just under 9 million viewers when it was broadcast on Monday evening, the majority on BBC1 and ITV1. Party election broadcasts were also in the top five most popular non-news programmes of the day.

On BBC the broadcasts followed regional news bulletins and attracted 5.565 million, before being broadcast again before The One Show where they attracted 4.21 million. On ITV1 the Labour broadcast also followed regional bulletins and was watched by 2.797 million, as well as just before the 6.30pm national news, attracting 3.097 million viewers.

Broadcasters have also been profiling the leaders of the major political parties, with ITV1's Tonight: Spotlight on the Leaders edition looking at David Cameron attracting 2.631 million. Meanwhile, Jeremy Paxman's interview with Nick Clegg for Panorama was watched by 2.212 million.

All eyes will be on the leaders this Thursday as televised election debates begin.