Sky 3D to broadcast more Premier League matches

Sky 3D will broadcast four more Premier League matches in 3D at pubs and clubs all through April.

The new set of live matches are Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United (April 11), Tottenham Hotspurs v Arsenal (April 14), Manchester City v Manchester United (April 17) and Chelsea v Stoke City (April 25).

Sky 3D, Europe's first dedicated 3D channel, broadcast the Premier League clash between Manchester United and Chelsea to over 1,000 public venues across England and Ireland last weekend. The broadcaster plans to have more live matches soon.

Sky's director of product design and development Brian Lenz said over 100,000 people saw the launch of Sky 3D.

He hoped that many more people would experience 3D in pubs over the next few months, especially as the channel builds towards the launch of Sky+ HD.