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US broadcasters to contest FCC's new broadband plan

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has unveiled a new high-speed internet service plan i

The FCC's national broadband plan means the US will have "the fastest and most extensive wireless network in the world," according to an executive summary of the proposal.

The broadcast industry, however, anticipates a looming battle with the media regulator over the plan, which calls for broadcasters to give up some of their airwaves voluntarily in exchange for compensation.

David Donovan, president of the broadcasters' Association for Maximum Service Television, said the proposal could potentially force TV stations "to change channels and reduce service areas, perhaps stranding millions of viewers."

The FCC is submitting the plan for congressional approval. It wants to reallocate a large chunk of TV- and radio-controlled spectrum to high-speed Internet service. This is a much cheaper and quicker alternative to laying fiber cables, particularly in rural areas.