BSkyB slams BBC Trust over ignoring Project Canvas concerns

BSkyB has accused the BBC Trust of ignoring the industry's concerns over the video-on-demand service

The pay TV, which has been opposing Project Canvas, has said the inherent conflict between the Trust's role as guardian of licence fee payers and its job of setting the BBC's strategic course is prompting the Trust to disregard the concerns raised by the stakeholders.

BSkyB called for the BBC to make its on-demand content available to rivals without any restrictions. The consumers would also benefit if the BBC's on-demand content is widely available on multiple platforms, it said.

If BBC attempts to syndicate its public service content without bundling it with iPlayer, fears of distributors taking unreasonable volumes of material would be allayed. Such attempts would reduce the concerns of many regarding the BBC's participation in Project Canvas, the pay TV said.

Earlier, the BBC Trust refused to allow Ofcom to conduct a separate market impact assessment of Project Canvas.

BSkyB has endorsed the Digital TV Group (DTG) as the appropriate forum to develop the technical standards for Project Canvas. It had asked the BBC to develop the core specification for the industry through the DTG, rather than with its commercial partners, British Telecom, Channel 4 and TalkTalk.