No Sky agenda behind Tories' media policy, says Ed Vaizey

The Shadow culture minister has denied the influence of News Corporation on Tory media policy.

The shadow culture minister Ed Vaizey has dismissed as "completely laughable" the allegations that the Conservative party's media policy is influenced by Rupert Murdoch and the News Corporation media empire.

He said the Tory policy regarding the BBC has been "wilfully misrepresented." He pointed out that if a Conservative leader has any kind of critique of the BBC, then it somehow becomes a 'Sky agenda'. Vaizey stressed that there is a need for a legitimate debate about the size of the BBC.

The Tory leader claimed his party's media policy is straightforward. A Tory government would abolish the BBC Trust, appoint an independent regulator and force it to be more transparent about its finances.

Vaizey added that Tory media policy is dictated by a de-regulatory approach and that organisations need to know how much the BBC spends on its news website to make informed choices about their own online models.