Female broadcast journalist, over 50, under valued? Move to China

Former BBC broadcast journalist Susan Osman has found a new job as a breakfast news presenter in Chi

Osman claims that there is more respect for the older generation in China and that it is a great place for a 51-year-old female broadcaster to work -- provide you don't mention the private lives of politicals leaders, the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests of 1989; or banned spiritual movement, Falun Gon.

Osman tells the Guardian: "I don't think I have ever - ever - been treated with so much respect in a working environment..They listen, seem to admire me and seem to understand what changes I'm trying to bring here."

Taken from Press Gazette: http://blogs.pressgazette.co.uk/wire/6228.

Dominic Ponsford is editor of Press Gazette