TV broadcasters to fight FCC over broadband spectrum

American TV broadcasters are likely to fight the proposal of Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

The FCC's new National Broadband Plan introduced this week calls for the FCC to reclaim about 120MHz of spectrum from broadcasters in the next five years.

The FCC wants the reclaimed spectrum to be used by cell phone operators and other wireless entrepreneurs to deliver new broadband services.

Additionally, another 300MHz of spectrum has been set aside for free over-the-air TV broadcast.

FCC noted that reclaiming the spectrum would increase wireless capacity and decrease dropped calls on smartphones such as iPhone. It would also encourage the development of new wireless broadband competitors. However, the move would reduce the number of channels available to the broadcast TV viewers.

TV broadcasters want the FCC to roll back the proposal. Some are understood to be lobbying at the Capitol Hill to rally political opposition to the move and are likely to approach the court.