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Sir Bob Geldof wants BBC executives sacked

Geldof criticises BBC for suggesting Band Aid funds had been diverted to rebel forces.

Irish singer Sir Robert Frederick Zenon "Bob" Geldof has called for the removal of Peter Horrocks, BBC's director of global news; Andrew Whitehead, the World Service's news and current affairs editor, and; Martin Plaut, BBC World Service's Africa editor.

The bitter row is due to the allegation made by a former Ethiopian rebel commander Aregawi Berhe on the BBC World Service that 95 per cent of the funds collected by Band Aid and Live Aid to fight famine in northern Ethiopia in 1985 was diverted for military use by rebel forces.

Geldof is co-founder of Band Aid, which organised the charity concert, Live Aid. He said that the story was "sexed up" and the allegations completely untrue. "If no one was getting food, why was nobody dying?" he asked.

Geldof said that the BBC World Service, which is respected the world over, has turned into a tabloid. "Where were the checks, balances, neutrality, even-handedness?" he questioned.

Geldof asked for an immediate investigation into what went wrong.