ITV breached the sound levels code: ASA

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has ruled that the slots on the digital channel ITV3 were "ex

Apparently, eight TV adverts shown during an episode of Sherlock Holmes were very loud. The ruling came after a viewer complained that the volume of the adverts shown around the programme was "not well matched to the overall sound levels of the programme".

The watchdog upheld the complaint, ruling that the loudness of ads "must not be excessive and must be more consistent with the surrounding programme material".

ITV3 responded saying that the production style of the Sherlock Holmes series, which was made in the 1980s, varied from the present day dramas and ads. The channel said that the episode featured many parts of near silence as the characters evaluated the mystery before them, with only incidental music in the background.

The viewer may have become accustomed to these quieter sections, making the ad breaks seem louder. The ASA rapped UKTV's Yesterday channel last year over three excessively noisy adverts aired during the Catherine Cookson drama, The Round Tower.