BBC broadcasts first live episode of EastEnders

The BBC broadcast the first live episode of the television soap-opera EastEnders on BBC1 at 8pm UTC

This episode has been in preparation for nine months. But the actual rehearsals took place only three days before its airing. Fifty one cast members took part in the episode.

The main focus of the plot was to reveal the murderer of character Archie Mitchell. Called "Who Killed Archie?" it has been going on for several months.

The plot has been revealed at end of the live episode, just after the character Bradley Branning falls from a roof after being pursued by police. At this point, Stacy Slater (played by Lacey Turner) says she killed Archie.

Turner said even she did not know the identity of the killer until thirty minutes before the episode broadcast.

Nearly 16.6 million viewers watched the EastEnders live episode to see who murdered Archie Mitchell.