It may be end game for home-grown dramas, says Spooks maker

The production of home-grown, high-quality dramas would be negatively affected by the budget cuts pr

Garrett said in future it would be impossible to produce the kind of successful dramas produced in this decade and the quintessentially British productions, with cultural integrity, would fall through the cracks.Garrett's said he especially feared for dramas produced in the UK, which are suffering from a BBC squeeze on costs and cannot hope to find international funding.

He revealed that earlier the difference between the fee paid by the BBC for any drama and the production costs was about 3-5 per cent. But now, with a spike in production costs, the funding gap has widened further.

Garrett criticised the BBC for not supporting British dramas such as the Kudos-produced Occupation, which was about the British soldiers in Basra. Its funding gap was nearly 50 per cent, he said, putting everyone involved in its production under a huge financial pressure.