BBC4's Evan Davis makes documentary on jobless

Evan Davis, the host of Radio 4's Today and BBC2's Dragons' Den, is making a TV documentary ‘The day

The film is about the growing number of the unemployed and the impact of influx of immigrants into Britain, especially since the Britain's labour market opened to new EU members in 2004.

Davis has shot the film in Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. He chose the place because East Anglia has the largest number of central and East European immigrants.

Throughout the film, Davis tries to figure out whether employers seek to bypass Britain's long-term unemployed and substitute them with highly motivated foreigners.

The documentary also explores other complexities such as pressure on housing, medical and education services that arise from the influx.

Davis says he believes that the programme dispels the myth that if you took an immigrant out of a job, there would be one more job for a British worker.